“Glücksspiel-Regulierung und Glücksspiel-Sucht: Annahmen und Fakten”

In a few weeks, ‘Editions Weblaw’ publishes a new book on gaming regulation by Simon Planzer:
“Glücksspiel-Regulierung und Glücksspiel-Sucht: Annahmen und Fakten –
Die nationale Glücksspielsucht-Forschung im Lichte des internationalen empirischen Erkenntnisstands”.
(Gambling Regulation and Gambling Addiction: Assumptions and Facts –
The National Research on Gambling Addiction in the Light of the International Empirical Evidence)

The book contrast popular assumptions regarding the regulation of gaming with empirical facts. Considering this global scope, it is relevant for readers outside Switzerland, too, and of particular interest for regulators, gaming lawyers, funding bodies and scholars with an interest in addiction and lifestyle risks.

For inquiries on the book, you can contact the author at planzer@planzer-law.ch. You can order the book with the author or directly at the publishing house:
Weblaw AG, +41 31 380 57 77, info@weblaw.ch, ISBN no of the book: 978-3-906230-39-9.

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